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Glendale Smog & Test Only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is smog and is it dangerous?

The Term “smog” simply means bad quality of air and is a combination of smoke and fog. Modern day smog is created by vehicular and industrial emissions. Smog is serious health hazard for everyone. Those more at risk include children, the elderly, and those with pulmonary and respiratory disorders. Smog may trigger asthma attacks, headaches, burning and itching eyes, cough, and can effect even the healthiest of lungs.

Smog in California
California became known as the nation’s capital for smog pollution due to the poor air quality in the Los Angeles area. California became the first state to institute emission controls on new vehicles sold in the state and has been leading the nation in concern for the environment and control of vehicle emissions.

What does the smog check program do for the environment?

The smog check program reduces air pollution caused by millions of cars in California. It removes an estimated 400 tons of pollutants from the air on a daily basis.

Is my vehicle required to get a smog? If so, how often must it be tested?

Your vehicle must receive a smog check if it is more than six model years old and if it is a 1976 model car or newer. Your vehicle needs to be tested every other year. A smog check will be required if you decide to sell your vehicle and it is over four model years old.

Which cars are exempt from the smog check program?
  • Hybrids
  • 1975 year model or older
  • Disel powered
  • Electric
  • Motorcycle
How can I help my vehicle pass a smog check?

Properly maintaining your vehicle in accordance to your owner’s manual and not tampering with the emissions control equipment are keys to passing a smog check.

What can I do if my vehicle fails a smog check?

You need to obtain all the necessary repairs for your vehicle to pass the retest in order to complete your DMV registration. You may be eligible for the Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

What will the consumer assistance program do for me?
  1. Repair Assistance
    Qualified customers may be eligible to receive up to $500 in emissions-related diagnostic and repair services.
  2. Vehicle Retirement
    If you qualify, the State will pay you $1,000 to voluntarily retire your vehicle at a CAP approved dismantler.
    For more information about (CAP) please call 866-272-9642 or go to